On the French Side

On September, 12th, the French Institute in Ukraine celebrated 20 years since its opening. During these years, numerous events with the participation of French artists, painters, intellectuals had been held under the auspices of the French Cultural Center in our country. More than 15 thousand students were able to master the French language, learning it through social, cultural, literary, musical features in the center of Kiev and in other Ukrainian cities. The celebrations held in Kiev involved linguistic workshops, national dance trainings, voilin concert and other entertanments. In a downtown courtyard with installed food stalls of several well-known brands numerous guests of the anniversary could enjoy the French specialties: French viennise pastry by Wolkonsky, quiches lorraines from Tres Francais restaurant, French wines, cheese and meat plates by Le Silpo delicacy department. All this accompanied by beautiful melodies of France.


Stroking Caf?

A cat-cafе opened in Kiev. This is the first food outlet in Kiev, inhabited by animals. Six cats and two kittens come from an animal shelter. As the owner of the place says, people here are not paying for food and drinks, they pay for opportunity to play with the fluffy cuties. Visitors can also adopt animals, so it is not just about business but also about kind deeds. In May, a similar institution in Lviv was established by displaced persons from Crimea. The scheme is the same: cats taken from shelters, guests can play with them or bring own pets.


Adam’s Cup

This summer in Kiev, Adam Howell and art director Michael Petrusyaka launched Lost & Found speakeasy. The basic list of drinks contains 7 original cocktail titles, the rest can be prepared on customer demand. The menu started with ‘The Restraining Order’ Gimlet (a cocktail of tequila, Aperol, celery bitter – Howell shared that the idea was spied at a bar in Philadelphia), ‘Aperol Alexander’ (Aperol, creme de cacao, cream), several twists. The ideologists of the bar offer a creative approach to any classic mix by introducing a game similar to ‘Cities’: one ingredient of the classic cocktail is replaced using the component proposed by the previous player from the participants’ circle. The idea is also matching for home parties and that’s generally the spirit of Adam and Michael’s location.


Ukraine Up the Main Street with a Cocktail

Pop-up brand-bars are a strong recent trend of the Ukrainian street food festivals. Data sheet showcases selling more than six hundred specialty cocktails by a popular Speak Easy Bar by MOROSHA during one day of street food festival. Bartenders make cocktails based on Morosha vodka infused with fennel, figs, rosemary, seven varieties of pepper and other natural ingredients. Three most popular titles are: ‘Dill’ (using dill infused vodka, cucumber, honey syrup, lemon, and lime caramel foam), strong and bitter ‘Rude Boy’ (with artichoke infused vodka), and ‘Mary Rose’ (with rosemary infused vodka, flavored with rose petals). "These cocktails can be recommended to the wide audience, they are universal and match both male and female tastes," says Maxim Grigoriev, the bartender at Speak Easy Bar by MOROSHA. Shustov brandy bar features twist cocktail menu: the revised classic famous mixed drinks and ‘fresh market mixology’. "We focus on hand-crafted production, we infuse our brandy on red berries, prepare home infusions and syrups for cocktails. The global trend to consume less sugary drinks touched not only wine, but also cocktails," bar manager Oleg Yakobenko tells D+ editorial. The most popular position at brandy bar is ‘Brandy Fix’ with lime juice, pineapple syrup, Demerara syrup and Chartreuse liqueur. The public at the festival also favors sparkling wine based cocktails at OREANDA champagne bar: Aperol Spritz and Bellini.


The Legislative Process: Beer and Alcohol Have Clear Progress

Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine proposes free licensing of small breweries. "Through discussions with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture a model has been developed, that allows free licensing for players with net income below 15 million UAH for the previous year, and with less than 50 employees working... Regular financial statements will suffice to confirm the data, no additional documents needed", – Maxim Nefedov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, explains amendments to the bill.
Another innovation concerns the abolition of state alcohol monopoly. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced a bill "On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine Concerning the Agro-Industrial Complex". It suggests allowing from January, 1st, 2020, "the production of ethyl alcohol (including as a medicine), grape rectified ethyl alcohol, fruit rectified ethyl alcohol" by private enterprises on terms of acquiring license.


Vіdenska Kava: Dawn to Dusk

Vіdenska Kava company introduced a new range of domestic consumer of coffees: Lviv Rankova ('Lviv morning'), Lviv Sonyachna ('Lviv sunny') and Lviv Kolyskove ('Lviv Lullaby'). Each title it is ground natural premium coffee. Morning coffe is a blend of Brazilian Arabica, Indonesian and Indian Cherry Robusta. Such a composition is intended to energize. The daily blend is 100% Arabica blend of beans from Ethiopia, Colombia and Mexico, created to convey the taste and aroma of tropical heat, which is so lacking during cold and dim autumn days. Evening Lullaby option is Arabica from Colombia, decaffeinated in Germany. This offer is a great opportunity for all the coffee lovers to enjoy the favourite drink even before bedtime.


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