Competition Innovation: the New Nomination

Ukrpyvo, the Ukrainian beer, soft drinks and mineral water producing captive company, has  held XVIII International Tasting Contest and named the best drink of the country. 32 companies took part in the contest, with 114 tasting samples, 86 of them beers. The novelty of this year was the new category introduced: beer with the addition of non-traditional natural raw materials, in particular extracts of honey, raspberry and cherry. Experts had analyzed beer according to five key characteristics, each assessed by the 25-point system: exterior qualities of the drink (transparency, shining, impurities), flavor (clearness, freshness, matching the certain beer type), taste (matching the type, no grain taste or signs incomplete fermentation), foam firmness (compactness, saturation), and hopping (measured in hop bitterness). Grand Prix of the competition in different nominations were received by the following brands: Obolon Svіtle, Obolon Premium, Zibert Svіtle, Zibert Weissbier, Bavarіya Premium Pіlzner, Robert Doms Vіdensky, Zhigulі Barne Oksamytove, Bіrmіks Lemon Nonalcoholic, Bіrmіks Granatove, Malle Ghost, Malle Brune, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Bud, Schultz P'yana Vyshnya, and others.


State Statistics Service Summed up: Brandy in the Black, And the Rest in a Bad Way

State Statistics Service announced the results of seven months of 2015. The figures for Ukraine (excluding the temporarily occupied territory of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, as well as part of the anti-terrorism operation zone) show that over this period 117 million dal of beer were produced, which is 24.5% lower than in the corresponding period of the previous year. The production of liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages also reduced by 19.7%, with 2015 7-month total of 4.9 million dal. At the same time, brandy production over January-July showed a positive result of 1.5 million dal, with  16% growth compared with the period last year.


Summer Premier: Muskatella

New Muskatella wines produced by Alef-Vinal company have been introduced to Ukrainian market. The range includes five titles and consists of Muscat semi-sweet wines, which have distinctive varietal aromas with hints of rose, honey, lime, acacia and raisins. The natural sweetness of Muscat variety expresses itself in taste with ripe peach, apricot and sweet pear nuances. It is important that production technology of Muskatella wines keeps the original grape sugariness. The line stands out with its unusual design: the labels are featuring exotic birds.


Fall Season with the Rising Price

Due to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decree, starting with September, 1st, the minimum retail and wholesale prices of vodka, brandy, whiskey and wine (still and sparkling) have been raised. Now the MRP of vodka and alcoholic beverages makes up 274.5 UAH per liter of 100% alcohol. This entails following pricings on the shelf: minimum cost of bottle has increased to 55 UAH (about 2 USD, with exchange rate fluctuating) for 0.5 l vodka, to 109 UAH in case of whiskey, 84 UAH for 0.5 l 3-star cognac, 27 UAH for still wine, and 49.9 UAH and up for sparkling.


And Who is in the Top?

Using annual financial statements as well as information from open sources, Barth-Haas Group has compiled the top list of  world’s 40 largest beer producers, with Ukrainian Obolon company in the 31st  place of the list. In 2014, the company produced 7.4 million hl beer, which makes up 0.4% of world’s total production. It should be noted that capacities of the head company are able to give up to 14 million hl, thus the corporation can be considered one of the largest in Europe.  One of the most advanced beer markets has been reported to be China. Its actors have taken the largest number of the top positions. The total of top 40 enterprises of the list have produced 1 billion 62 million hl of amber drink over the assessed period, which is 82% of the international market.


Exotic Piligrim Wines: on the Bright Side

Cabernet Solo, Muscat Vinal, Pinot Blanc, Traminer Blanc, Pinot Noir Premier and blended Piccolo make up a collection of the new Piligrim TM wines by Alef-Vinal company. The wines feature exotic design, unusual for the Ukrainian market. As the producer notes, "the temperamental unusual design definitely captures you. Latin 'Piligrim', meaning "traveler, wanderer," is the key to the lable design with a picture of adventurers. When one looks at the bottle it breathes with sincerity, cheerfulness and positivity''.


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