Publishing House “N” Ltd.

Our Publishing house has been successfully operating at Ukrainian market since 1993 and has indisputable authority and huge experience in working at the local advertising market.

All these years up to present day our media group has been publishing three successful and popular specialised editions: CaBaRe/Chic and Drinks+ magazines, and MENU newspaper.

Each of our magazines has its own unique concept and a strong system of free of charge distribution. All of them also feature some common typical characteristics:

  • both magazines have thematical content: Drinks+ is devoted to beverages, wine and alcohol market, while CaBaRe/Chic is a guide to restaurants and wine critics and to luxury life
  • both are international projects as they have informational content and distribution systems related to two countries: Ukraine and Russia. Magazine also participate regularly in the most famous and authoritative European fairs
  • both editions are aimed at the wealthy readership audience, that boasts highest level of income
  • construction of CaBaRe/Chic and Drinks+ magazines is made in such a way, that two blocks of information are situated in two different sections and come towards each other meeting in the centre of the magazine. Such a dual system permits us to publish information for two different kinds of readership audience at the same time
  • both magazines are distributed free of charge.

Our specialised editions CaBaRe/Chic and Drinks+ magazines as well as MENU newspaper boast several undeniable advantages that allow them to outstand from the rest of periodical press.  

Large-scaled and massive circulation of the magazines, rare to Ukraine, as well as strong system of free of charge distribution allow them to go beyond the mere definition of ‘mass media’, making them also a kind of effective outdoor advertisement (meaning their free of charge distribution from their own branded stands in wine boutiques, restaurants, airports, trade centres, international fairs etc.). Our magazines also work effectively as marketing  instruments of direct mail.  

CaBaRe/Chic magazine is guide to restaurants and wine critics (specialised edition about wine, food and tobacco) with free of charge distribution (circulation of 130 000 copies 12 times a year), represented in the major luxury going out places and venues of the biggest Ukrainian and Russian cities.

Drinks+ magazine is specialised edition that has been operating at Ukrainian market for 18 years already. It also has free of charge distribution system via direct mail (circulation of 45 000 copies, 10 times a year) to owners, chairmen of trade companies; to producers, importers and distributors of all kinds of beverages, food and tobacco goods; to restaurant owners and sommeliers of Ukraine and Russia as well as to the customers of wine boutiques and specialised stores.   

MENU newspaper (А4 format) specializes in gastronomical theme, including alcohol beverages and tobacco goods. It has extremely high popularity among the customers and boasts large-scaled circulation (170 000 copies, 4 times a year minimum) as well as free of charge distribution system around the largest food stores and markets of Ukraine.

For several years our editions have been participating (with their own brand stands) in such huge world fairs as Vinexpo (France), ProWein, Brau Beviale, Euroshop, Anuga, Drinktec, Intervitis Interfructa (Germany), The London International Wine & Spirits  Fair (Great Britain), Tea&Coffee World Cup Exhibition (USA, New York; Switzerland, Geneva), SIMEI, MiWine, Vinitaly (Italy), «ProdExpо» (Russia).
Representatives of our magazines are often invited as jury members to such prestigious and well-known wine contests of Europe as MUNDUSVini (Germany), Vinitaly (Italy), premiere of Toscana wines, wine summits in Austria etc.

Detailed information about CaBaRe/Chic magazine you can find in electronic presentation, which you can download here.
Here you will find the schedule of CaBaRe/Chik printed issues for 2011.
And here you can check the requirements for advertising images to place in CaBaRe/Chic magazine.


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